Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

PA is Ready!

PICC is proud to coordinate PA is Ready!, a statewide network and participatory grantmaking fund.

PA is Ready! strives to be an adaptive, well-coordinated Pennsylvania statewide network of organizations – rooted in and serving diverse immigrant and refugee communities – that is equipped to:

  1. Make legal and other immigration services accessible;
  2. Build power, organizational capacity, and the leadership of immigrant community members; and
  3. Address community-identified needs and root causes in the long term.
October 2017: PA is Ready! grantees meet with donors from the Philadelphia area at a gathering hosted by the Philadelphia Foundation.

Network members are united in working toward a Pennsylvania where immigrant communities have the skills and resources necessary for building safe and welcoming communities that promote all resident’s well being. PA is Ready! encourages collaboration between community-based organizations and service providers to provide Pennsylvania immigrant communities with the information, services, and legal assistance they need.

Now in its fourth year, PA is Ready! uses a grantmaking process that puts decision-making in the hands of organizers and service providers who collectively determine funding priorities, selection criteria, and grant decisions.  PA is Ready! is coordinated by the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC), and the Philadelphia Foundation hosts the pooled fund and provides technical assistance, fundraising support, and coordination around donor education.

PA is Ready! Funding Framework

After a comprehensive evaluation process in early 2019, PA is Ready! has created a funding framework to guide its work for the next five years. This framework will be reviewed annually and updated to respond to changing policies and community needs. PA is Ready! will continue to use a collaborative grantmaking process led by immigrant-serving organizations to make all funding decision.

  • Leadership Development and Organizational Capacity Building: Develop active leaders within immigrant and refugee communities and build strong organizations that can serve as vehicles for communities to be able to exercise their collective power to make systemic changes and ensure access to the types of services needed to promote collective well-being.
  • Community-Based Immigration Services: Build statewide capacity to provide immigration assistance through community-led, collaborative projects that increase access to needed services in immigrant communities.
  • Enforcement Resistance: Build statewide capacity to engage in community-based responses to protect and defend immigrant and refugee communities from increased immigration enforcement through collaborative projects that respond to increased ICE enforcement and criminalization of immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Pennsylvania Immigrant Family Unity Project (PAIFUP): Universal representation pilot project at the York Detention Center. Grants administered by the Vera Institute.

PA is Ready! Background

In September 2014, PICC began convening member and partner organizations in anticipation of then President Obama enacting an Executive Order creating new forms of administrative relief for undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S. which was expected to protect almost 5 million undocumented immigrants. These organizations came together and created PA is Ready! as a vehicle for providing quality, high-volume services across Pennsylvania. Network members developed a service model that would ensure that Pennsylvania immigrant community members had access to the information and assistance they needed to apply for both existing and anticipated forms of relief, and began raising funds to support collaborative projects utilizing the service model. Despite the Supreme Court’s tie vote in June 2016 that halted the implementation of new forms of administrative relief, the PA is Ready! network pressed forward in recognition of the many already unmet needs of immigrant communities across the Commonwealth.

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For more information, please contact Sundrop Carter, Executive Director.