Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

For Community Activists

2020 Welcoming Schools Report!

Last updated Jan 27 2021    

This report and resources provide a snapshot of the experiences of immigrant and refugee students and parents in school districts across Pennsylvania. This report is designed to help guide educators and school administrators in creating and evaluating policies and practices at their schools. School districts are encouraged to use this report and the Welcoming Schools […]

Advocacy & Coalition Building How-To

Last updated May 3 2017    

In partnership with the Linking Communities Project and HIAS, we developed these how-to guides on Advocacy and Coalition Building for use with refugee community leaders across the country. These are general guides that can be used by any group that wants to learn more about how to get started with conducting advocacy efforts, or building […]

Dismantling ICE in Pennsylvania

Last updated Feb 23 2023    

This toolkit aims to support community-based, immigrant-led movements that are fighting to end local collaboration with ICE.

Family Preparation

Last updated Apr 23 2019    

Following recent executive orders that call for increased enforcement, community members are advised to prepare their families for the potential, worst case scenario that one or more family members are picked up by ICE. This is a very difficult conversation for our families to have. Download and share the following family preparation flyers for families […]

Know Your Rights

Last updated Jan 27 2021    

Do you know what to do if ICE comes to your door? Download resources to help educate your family and community!

Public Charge: What you need to know

Last updated Apr 14 2021    

On March 9, 2021 the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) decided to stop defending the Trump-era public charge regulations, resulting in a dismissal of pending appeals.

Shut Down Berks Toolkit

Last updated Aug 2 2022    

Pennsylvania is currently home to the Berks County Immigrant Prison (BCRC), it was previously one of three detention centers for immigrant families, where children as young as two-weeks-old have been incarcerated. Since January 2022, ICE and the Biden administration have been incarcerating immigrant women as young as 18 years old. Detention is always violent, unjust […]

Tuition Equity Toolkit (2019-20)

Last updated Apr 15 2020    

This toolkit includes 3 easy ways for advocates and allies to support the campaign for tuition equity. All materials, including tips, fact sheets and social media graphics are downloadable from this page. Please note we update this toolkit as needed. You will find the latest update at the bottom of each page of our toolkit. […]

Welcoming Schools Toolkit

Last updated Apr 15 2020    

This toolkit provides students, parents, and community members with the information and tools they need to work with their schools to enact policies to ensure that all students, regardless of immigration status, are welcome, safe, and protected in the school environment.