Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Advocacy Priorities

PICC’s mission centers on advocating for pro-immigrant and pro-refugee policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

Every two years PICC member organizations come together to choose the organization’s advocacy priorities. These priorities guide PICC’s choices on what policies to focus on and what campaigns to support.

In May 2017, PICC members chose four issues as the core advocacy priorities for 2017-2018.

  • Access to Driver LicensesAdvocating for fair access to driver licenses for all residents of Pennsylvania, regardless of immigration status. This includes supporting the Driving PA Forward campaign.
  • Education Justice: Ensuring that immigrant and refugee students have access to safe and welcoming schools that address their unique needs. This includes supporting passage of tuition equity policies, language access, and fair and adequate funding for schools.
  • Enforcement Resistance: Fighting back against criminalization of immigrant communities and the deportation machine by supporting innovative organizing strategies and passing policies separating criminal and immigration enforcement.
  • Workplace JusticeSupporting policies that combat worker exploitation and improve conditions for immigrant and refugee workers throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Federal Immigration Policy: In addition to supporting local and state level work in the above issue areas, PICC engages in federal advocacy to promote just and humane federal immigration policies.

PICC also monitors proposals targeting immigrant and refugee communities at the local, state, and federal level and coordinates collective defense to ensure that these proposals do not become law.