Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Ally Education & Engagement

PICC is committed to ensuring that immigrant and refugee communities are at the lead of the movement for immigrant rights. We also recognize that as a movement, we will never achieve our goals of full human rights for all without allies who are willing to speak up and take action.

Who are Allies?

Allies are those who are not directly targeted by a particular form of oppression or discrimination and are willing to take action to change that system of oppression. This can include U.S. citizens supporting just and humane immigration policies, Christians standing up for Muslim communities, or white immigrants refusing to accept policies that criminalize Black immigrants.

What Can Allies Do?

  • Support your local immigrant and refugee-led grassroots groups: These groups are on the front lines supporting families with a loved one facing deportation, educating communities about their rights, and training new leaders on how to take action. Your donation and support helps ensure they can continue this vital work. Our membership list is a great place to start if you don’t know any local groups.
  • Show Up, Listen, and Learn: Attend the press conferences, rallies, and community events hosted by grassroots groups and listen to the voices and stories of immigrant and refugee communities (bring an interpreter if you only speak English!). Read articles written by immigrants and refugees to better understand their experiences and analysis of what policy changes are needed. See our Calendar for a listing of events organized by our members and follow us on Facebook.
  • Get Involved:
    • Participate in PICC Educational Webinar Series: PICC hosts monthly webinars to give updates on state and federal immigration policies, summaries of needed action steps, and presentations on relevant immigration topics. Past presentations and upcoming webinar information are available in our Toolbox.
    • Contact your legislators. It is essential for allies to regularly contact local, state, and federal legislators and state their support for immigrant and refugee communities. Check out our Toolbox for advocacy materials.
    • Sign up for organizations’ newsletters and follow them on social media so you can stay up-to-date on opportunities to volunteer. PICC is regularly looking for volunteers to help register New Americans to vote at their citizenship ceremonies in Philadelphia.
    • Request a speaker if you would like someone to come talk with your congregation, neighborhood group, or professional association about immigration issues. Please fill out this online speaker request form.