Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Immigrant and Refugee Day of Action Toolkit (2017)

After the recent attacks on immigrant and refugee communities at both the state and federal level, many people have decided that it is time to take a stand. We are excited to see the enthusiasm and desire to lift up a pro-immigrant and pro-refugee message and show support for community-led organizations and campaigns.

Our movement is about building the world we believe in, one that is welcoming, diverse, and inclusive. This toolkit provides a basic framework for lifting up that vision and demanding that those in power follow our lead. The attached materials provide sample messaging points that are in line with community-led campaigns and graphics to use when organizing a local day of action.

What can you do?

  • Organize a press conference, rally, or other public event
  • Visit, call, or send a postcard to your legislator(s) and tell them to #StoptheHate
  • Thank the Mayors of cities in PA who have stood up for immigrants & refugees
  • Post your message on social media to lift up the message that #PAlovesImmigrants
  • Attend a local event supporting immigrant and refugee communities
  • Donate to your local community organization


Last updated Apr 23 2019