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DACA Resources – 2020

Apr 24 2020    PICC Blog

(Updated 7/31/2020)

This page includes updates and resources on DACA. Please note, things are changing quickly. We will update this page as frequently as possible.

Disclaimer: The following information shouldn’t be taken as legal advice. Please consult with a trusted immigration attorney if you have any questions about your individual case. 

What is the status of DACA? What did the Supreme Court do?

In September, 2017 the Trump administration attempted to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Immigrant rights advocated filed lawsuits to keep DACA in place, and were able to keep DACA in place for all current recipients. The Supreme Court heard the case against DACA on November 12, 2019.

Thursday, June 18, 2020 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 that President Trump did not follow the correct process to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

This decision means that DACA has returned to the original status prior to 2017. USCIS will continue to process renewal applications and will begin to accept new DACA applications.

The administration still has the power to end DACA, and may attempt to do so in the coming weeks or months. Please check our website and follow us on social media for the latest updates as they become available.

Read PICC’s Statement on this decision

On Tuesday, July 28, 2020 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Released a new DACA Memo. New Program changes were announced to the DACA program.

More information and resources regarding this DACA Update:

What Should You Do?

For those who currently have a DACA permit:

  • Check your expiration date and renew your DACA in a timely manner
  • Seek assistance from a trusted and reputable legal advisor

For New DACA Applicants:

  • Begin gathering supporting documents for your DACA application
  • Consult a trusted and reputable legal advisor for advice on when to apply

Please check out the 2020 DACA Frequently Asked Questions attachment to find out about what documents are required, cost, when to renew, etc.

Please contact Yeny Romero at or sign up for our DACA Action List if you are a DACA recipient or family member interested in being part of DACA organizing spaces. You can also sign up for our newsletter for more general policy and campaign updates.

Other DACA Resources

Changes to DACA Application Processing during COVID-19

USCIS has temporarily suspended in-person services until or after June 4 2020. USCIS staff will continue to perform business that do not involve contact with the public (USCIS, 2020).

Biometrics appointments scheduled for or after March 18 will process applications using your previous biometrics. This will remain in effect until USCIS in-person services resume. Click here for updates

Signatures on forms: Original ink signatures are not required at this time to submit renewal requests. Applicants or attorney’s signatures are still needed but they can be used from a scanned, emailed or faxed signature. This means that you can work with your legal service provider remotely to get your DACA application ready for renewal!  More helpful information and tips here! 

Find legal support! Reach out to your local immigration legal service provider or a trusted immigration attorney. See PICC’s list of member organizations for local non-profit legal organizations.

How to get involved with DACA and Immigrant Rights Advocacy?

  • Join a local immigrant rights organization locally or PICC’s statewide youth organizing membership to fight for immigrant communities!
  • Continue to check out this website for DACA and immigration updates and to learn more about upcoming events and actions.

Remember, You Have Rights!

Visit our Know Your Rights section for information on what to do if you see ICE in your community.