Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

For Educators

Education Access Toolkit for Undocumented Students

Last updated Jan 4 2017    

Undocumented students face unique challenges when applying for college. Some colleges and universities view undocumented students as out-of-state or international students, and charge higher tuition rates than for other residents of Pennsylvania. Many scholarships and types of financial aid are not open to undocumented students. For many students, this means putting a hold on or ending to dreams of attending college.

Know Your Rights

Last updated Feb 14 2017    

Do you know what to do if ICE comes to your door? Download resources to help educate your family and community!

Tuition Equity Toolkit (2015)

Last updated May 17 2017    

This toolkit includes 4 easy ways for advocates and allies to support the campaign for tuition equity. All materials, including tips, fact sheets and social media graphics are downloadable from this page or in our dropbox folder. If you have any questions, or want to get more involved, please contact PICC’s youth organizer, Maria Sotomayor at: 215-832-3482 or

Welcoming Schools Toolkit

Last updated May 17 2017    

We are excited to announce that after months of work by students, parents, teachers, and allies, we launched our Welcoming Schools Toolkit at the 2017 Statewide Convening! We began creating this toolkit during PICC’s 2016 Summer Youth Convening, when many youth expressed fear of raids in the community, lack of knowledge of what to do […]