Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

2019 Welcoming Schools Report

This report and resources provide a snapshot of the experiences of immigrant and refugee students and parents in school districts across Pennsylvania.  This report is designed to help guide educators and school administrators in creating and evaluating policies and practices at their schools. School districts are encouraged to use this report and the Welcoming Schools Toolkit as resources to ensure that they are creating a safe and welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their immigration status.

To create this report, PICC developed and distributed a questionnaire to deepen our understanding of the experiences of immigrant and refugee students and parents in PA schools. The questionnaire was distributed during workshops held at parent-teacher meetings, after school programs, out-of-school programs, and other community events, gathering responses from students and parents from various backgrounds, racial identities, immigration statuses, and school districts. While the questionnaires aimed to understand their experiences, the workshops were designed to listen to community members and support them to express their goals and learn to exercise their voices to create change in schools. The following resources will support you in your effort to make safe and welcoming schools for all PA communities.

2019 Welcoming Schools Report Summary: This resource offers a summary of our 2019 Welcoming Schools Report and includes valuable quotes, data, and themes gathered throughout the year. Use this summary as an advocacy tool to inform school administrators and educators about immigrant and refugee experiences in PA school districts.

2019 Welcoming Schools Check-Up: Is your school district a Welcoming School District? Use this checklist as a guide in creating more welcoming schools for every student and parent, regardless of their immigrant status.


Last updated Feb 18 2020