Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Education Access Toolkit for Undocumented Students

Undocumented students face unique challenges when applying for college. Some colleges and universities view undocumented students as out-of-state or international students, and charge higher tuition rates than for other residents of Pennsylvania. Many scholarships and types of financial aid are not open to undocumented students. For many students, this means putting a hold on or ending to dreams of attending college.

PICC is committed to advocating for policy changes that will level the playing field, and allow undocumented students to qualify for the same tuition rates and local scholarships available to other residents of Pennsylvania. While we work to enact these policies, this toolkit contains tips and resources to help undocumented students navigate the sometimes complicated work of applying for college and financial aid.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this toolkit is based on personal experience of students, educators and members of PICC across Pennsylvania and has been compiled by our staff. We want this resource guide to be as comprehensive and useful as possible. We update our toolkit twice a year, please pay attention to the bottom of each page for the latest updated version. If you know of any resources not listed in here, please let us know! Contact Yeny Romero at or ‪(484) 352-3068‬ if you have any feedback, suggestions, or edits.

Get involved! It is everyone’s responsibility to continue pushing for access to education for ALL students regardless of immigration status. We encourage immigrant youth from all backgrounds to get involved! Share your stories and experiences, tell family and friends. Don’t remain in silence. We will support you along the way. Teachers, school counselors and allies are also welcome! Be part of our movement and fight for education justice for all students of Pennsylvania.

This toolkit is divided into four sections:

  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Admission and Financial Aid Policies at Pennsylvania Schools
  • General and Community Resources
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Students: If you are undocumented and applying to college or have been admitted to college please fill out our Tuition Equity Survey. This will help us learn about undocu-friendly institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania with welcoming policies, admissions process, administration and financial aid.

If you are a university and do not see your true policies reflected in this toolkit we ask that you please contact Yeny Romero at to update accordingly. (Please see disclaimer above)


Last updated Mar 21 2021