Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

DACA Delay Materials (2016)

Due to a technical error this spring by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), DACA renewal application have been delayed for thousands of young people across the country. In Pennsylvania, that means hundreds of young people are currently facing the loss of jobs, health coverage and financial aid, and are being pushed back into the shadows and the fear of possible deportation and separation from their families.

In light of recent DACA renewal backlogs, PICC is supporting those affected by the USCIS systematic error by calling on Senator Casey to take action and publicly call on USCIS to immediately process all DACA renewals.

What You Can Do:

  • Report your DACA delay to PICC. We will use this information to show the impact of this USCIS error on Pennsylvania, and pressure USCIS and elected officials to take action
  • Download the attached sample employer letter to Senator Casey and have your employer sign and and send it
  • Visit CLINIC Legal to learn about how you can escalate your case


Last updated Apr 23 2019