Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

PICC Member – Grupo de Apoyo

Grupo de Apoyo e Integración Hispanoamericano, is a nonpartisan immigrant support group that believes immigrants are a vital part of our region’s rich history, present vitality, and future promise. Person by person, immigrant by immigrant, we strive to allow everyone the greatest opportunity to realize the dream we all share of working, living in community, educating our children, improving our communities, and creating a better future here and in our countries of origin.

As an all volunteer-run group, we appreciate being a member of PICC, and have benefited greatly from the support and expertise of the other member organizations, and hope that we have been able to offer useful resources in exchange. Over the past few years we have focused on assisting undocumented students prepare for the process of applying for DACA and applications for college. We are very aware that the more young people talk about their experiences, objectives, and dreams, the more articulate, confident, and persuasive they become. We are also going to be focusing on supporting undocumented communities through connecting them to physical and mental health resources.

Follow Grupo de Apoyo on Facebook. Donations may be made to St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 417 N. 7th St., Allentown PA 18102. Please indicate the donation is for Grupo de Apoyo.