Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

PICC Member – AAU

Asian Americans United exists so that people of Asian ancestry in Philadelphia exercise leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression. AAU has had a particular focus on addressing the many educational challenges facing Asian and Pacific Islander immigrant communities in Philadelphia and also on working with young people — to engage their bilingual and bicultural skills, and to harness their critical thinking and political awareness in the service of their communities.

AAU has been a member of PICC for several years now, because we appreciate and need to be a part of its broad coalition of immigrant work. PICC’s and its members’ knowledge and commitment to immigrant rights and its open and supportive coalition building style helps us to not be isolated and to understand important issues as they unfold. In  this last year, it has been really exciting to increase our engagement through the PA Is Ready project and to try out a new initiative for our organization – a Naturalization Series for the rapidly growing immigrant Chinese speaking community.  One of the best parts of this project was getting to know and work with our legal partner – Nationalities Services Center.  Though our series has ended, we had people calling us – throughout the week. These services are so needed and such an important step for community  members towards future civic engagement. We’re looking forward to being able to continue this work, because of our connection to PA Is Ready.

AAU would like to especially acknowledge our Civic Engagement Coordinator Wei Chen and the youth leaders of Chinatown Vote and the Chinese Youth Organizing Project. Their hard work made our new naturalization series possible!

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