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Take Action: Tell the PA Senate NO on E-Verify!

Jun 19 2019    

On Monday, the PA House passed HB1170, a bill that would mandate the use of E-verify in the construction industry. Although E-Verify is a accurate program, due to errors in the government databases it relies on, the system sometimes incorrectly identifies U.S. Citizen and work-authorized immigrants as lacking work authorization. If signed into law, HB1170 is […]

Free Abel and Pablo!

May 23 2019    

URGENT: Church World Service Lancaster has been leading the efforts of freeing two asylum seekers in detention. Abel and Pablo are two asylum seekers from Cuba. Abel is in the midst of a custody review with ICE. We need our community to help us with calls to ask for the release of Pablo and Abel. […]

Submit a Comment to Oppose the Public Charge Proposal

May 21 2019    

Action Deadline: July 9, 2018 On May 10, HUD issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (“NPRM”) that would prohibit mixed status families from living in public housing and Section 8 programs. Currently, mixed status families receive prorated housing subsidies so that ineligible family members do not receive any housing assistance. The proposal would also require […]

State Police Must Stop Collaborating With ICE!

Oct 17 2018    

Action Deadline: Ongoing
Sign the petition to ask Governor Tom Wolf and Acting State Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Robert Evanchick to immediately enact a policy protecting immigrants in PA!

It’s Time to #ShutDownBerks!

Dec 19 2016    

Action Deadline: Ongoing
Call Governor Wolf and tell him to #ShutDownBerks and #EndFamilyDetention in PA!

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