Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Action Alerts

Get involved and take action to help protect immigrant and refugee communities. We will post advocacy opportunities as they arise. Check back often!

Take Action to Keep Fee Waivers for Citizenship Applications

Nov 20 2018    

Action Deadline: November 27, 2018
The Trump administration has proposed a regulation change that will prevent an estimated hundreds of thousands of elderly and working poor immigrants from becoming United States citizens every year by prohibiting the use of income-verified public benefits as a way of establishing an inability to pay application fees.

State Police Must Stop Collaborating With ICE!

Oct 17 2018    

Action Deadline: Ongoing
Sign the petition to ask Governor Tom Wolf and Acting State Police Commissioner Lt. Col. Robert Evanchick to immediately enact a policy protecting immigrants in PA!

It’s Time to #ShutDownBerks!

Dec 19 2016    

Action Deadline: Ongoing
Call Governor Wolf and tell him to #ShutDownBerks and #EndFamilyDetention in PA!