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Tell the US Senate to vote for the HEROES Act

May 15 2020    Action Alerts

ACTION DEADLINE: July 30, 2020

Congress is contributing to this public health crisis by excluding immigrant families from COVID-19 relief programs. The HEROES Act in the House is a first step toward what immigrant communities need in this moment of crisis. Call your Senators and tell them we need to pass legislation that includes everyone – because #WeAreEssential.

This means:

  • Direct Economic Stimulus to All Workers, Including ITIN Filers, Mixed-Status Families, and Dependents
  • Expand Access to Testing and Treatment for COVID-19 Under Medicaid to All People, Regardless of Immigration Status
  • Expand Eligibility to Unemployment Insurance for All Workers, Regardless of Immigration Status
  • Automatically Extend Work Permits and Status for Immigrants with Employment Authorization
  • Suspend Immigration Enforcement and Release Immigrants from Detention
  • Suspend the Implementation of the Public Charge Rule

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