Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

2018 Summer Youth Convening

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PICC’s Statewide Immigrant and Refugee Youth Convening

After successfully bringing together 95 youth from diverse geographical areas in Pennsylvania in the last three years, PICC has continued to engage immigrant youth from across the state in advocacy, provided support and direct leadership development to our leaders all year!

This is a weekend dedicated to bringing together 30 immigrant youth that originate from different walks of life across PA. This is an opportunity for us to share our stories and develop leadership skills, organizing skills, and have a chance to build relationships with other youth who share our similar experience and goals

When: August 17-19, 2018
Ages: 14-25
Cost: $35.00 per person
All attendees will help with fundraising- PICC will provide and assist with a fundraising plan!

REGISTER HERE!  Registration starts June 1, 2018  ends Aug 3

CALLING PAST ATTENDEES: Join our convening organizing team! Your role will be to help us figure out content for this event, activities, possible trainers/speakers, fundraising and help with outreach to your friends. Commitment: 5 1-hour planning calls in the evenings starting June- July.

We have great workshops and training’s lined up just for you!
  • Building together- what is community organizing? Tools and practice of leadership development and learning how to build immigrant leadership statewide.
  • Don’t be afraid, Know Your Rights- Learn about your rights with the police and ICE- better yet, learn how to educate your family and community through interactive workshops.
  • Loving yourself  means loving your Community–  attacks on immigrant communities and people of color are overwhelming and threaten our well being. We all feel it! but do we practice tools to take care of ourselves before taking care of others? Let’s find ways to keep our spirits,  body and mind healthy regardless of stressful situations that impact us and our communities.
  • Seeds of Creation, –  Ever wonder what its like to be a filmmaker, journalist, storyteller, ? Don’t let media outlets speak for you, become your own content creator, share your experience of the movement through your own lenses. Learn the power of your stories and how to create your own multimedia platform.
  • Visions of the Future: Where do we go from here? We are the movement!  The leadership role of immigrant youth in the movement and developing new leaders.
and of course lots of time to connect, get to know each other and have fun at the pool!
We hope you decide to join us this year! Register today! 

Support Our Youth & Donate Today!

Please consider making a donation to help cover cost of our youth convening! Donate TODAY!  If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor please contact Maria Sotomayor at or 215-832-3482 for more information.

Conferencia de Liderazgo de Jóvenes Inmigrantes y Refugiados

Después de reunir exitosamente a 95 jóvenes de Pennsylvania en los últimos 3 años, PICC ha continuado ha involucrar a jóvenes inmigrantes en campañas de defensa, apoyo y desarrollo de liderazgo.

Este es un fin de semana dedicado a reunir a 30 jóvenes inmigrantes de distintas areas de Pennsylvania. Es una oportunidad para que jovenes compartan sus historias, y desarrollen habilidades de liderazgo,organización comunitaria y  tengan la oportunidad de conocer a otros jóvenes que comparten experiencias y objetivos similares.

Fecha: 17- 19 de Agosto
Edad: 14-25
Costo: $35.00 por persona
Todos los participantes ayudaran a juntar fondos para este evento. PICC les ayudara a crear un plan de recaudación.

REGISTRATE AQUI!  : Aplicaciones empiezan el 1 de Junio, 2018 y terminan el 3 de Agosto

Atención a participantes anteriores: Te gustaría ayudarnos a planear esta conferencia? El compromiso es que vas a estar en 5 (1 hr cada una) llamadas de grupo desde Junio a Julio. Ayudar a dar ideas sobre temas, coordinación de jóvenes, planear entrenadores o personas que vengan a hablar con el grupo, recaudar fondos, etc.