Federal Immigration Reform

Our immigration system is broken

Instead of legal channels and orderly, screened entry, the current immigration system keeps families apart and has created a black market characterized by exploitation of undocumented workers, widespread use of fake documents, and increasingly violent smuggling cartels.  We need legal channels to bring people out of the shadows, a system that people can go through and not around. 

Congress must act to overhaul our immigration system by passing comprehensive immigration reform.

 PICC supports comprehensive immigration reform that:

  • Provides a clear pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
  • Protects and promotes family unification.
  • Prevents the exploitation of immigrant workers and includes comprehensive protections for all immigrant workers through better enforcement of labor laws.
  • Restores fundamental due process and civil rights of immigrants.
  • Promotes full integration of immigrants into U.S. society.

In November, 2012 PICC brought together a statewide coalition to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. Read the full platform of the coalition.

While a comprehensive reform is the only way to truly fix our broken immigration system, PICC also supports smaller pieces of federal immigration legislation and administrative programs that will make a significant impact.

In 2014, PICC convened PA is READY, a statewide table of service providers and community organizations to prepare for the implementation of President Obama's executive action on immigration announced in November, 2014: Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). Since its inception, PA is READY has educated over 3000 community members on DAPA.