Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition


The Movement of Immigrant Leaders in Pennsylvania (MILPA) is a grassroots network of immigrant families that cultivates leadership and organizing across the state of Pennsylvania. We build strong ties of support, coordination and organizing to nourish each other in our struggle for dignity, safety and human rights. The divide between urban and rural communities in our state has long been exploited by decision makers resulting in attacks on all of the things we need as working people in Pennsylvania. MILPA is about connection — it is in our connection to one another that we have a voice and can build power.

MILPA is a member of PICC because we know that our connections and ability to work together is that give us power to protect our families and move towards an agenda of human rights for every Pennsylvanian.

We draw inspiration from the young Sophie Cruz when she proclaimed  “Let’s build a chain of love to protect our families”. Leadership from our members and the commitments they make to our communities are the heart of our organizing.  MILPA has organizing committees, all led by volunteer immigrant and Latino families in Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and throughout Adams county, PA with members in West Chester, Easton and Philadelphia.  Together, we organize for unmarked driver’s licenses for all Pennsylvania residents, regardless of immigration status; fight back against anti-immigrant bills; and develop leadership skills and political education.

To support MILPA follow us on Facebook and consider donating.  We have a goal of hiring a coordinator to help sustain our activity throughout 2017.