Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Lights for Liberty (Media)

Date: Jul 12 2019, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us and other groups from across Delaware County as we light up the evening and show a spotlight on this situation.

Freedom for Immigrants works with people who have been in immigration detention beyond one month. They are spearheading a national day of action on July 12 to call attention to this shameful situation.

There are 8 detention centers in Pennsylvania. One, as we all know, is in Berks County. HOWEVER, George Hill prison has a contract with ICE to detain people right here in Delaware County!

George Hill is run by GEO Corp. According to federal government data, GEO Group receives more taxpayer dollars for immigration detention than any other ICE contractor — $184 million in FY 2017. Here is the link¬†