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Free Abel and Pablo!

May 23 2019    Action Alerts

URGENT: Church World Service Lancaster has been leading the efforts of freeing two asylum seekers in detention. Abel and Pablo are two asylum seekers from Cuba. Abel is in the midst of a custody review with ICE. We need our community to help us with calls to ask for the release of Pablo and Abel. They are being arbitrarily detained against ICE protocol. Please call the ICE office in Philadelphia 215-656-7164. Below is a sample script.

Hello, I am calling to express my support for the parole applications of Abel (A#216282345) & Pablo (A#216282344). They meet the DHS requirements for parole and are not a flight risk or a danger to the community. They should be released to be with their families on parole while their cases are pending.

Please sign the petition! For more information, please contact Carrie Carranza,

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