Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Philadelphia Ballot Initiative on Language Access (2017)

If you live and vote in Philadelphia, this year you can vote on Ballot Question #3, a ballot initiative on language access. If this initiative passes, it will ensure that uniform language access standards are followed by all city agencies, boards, and commissions. Newly covered agencies include the City Council and ‘row offices’ such as the City Commissioners, the District Attorney, the Board of Revision of Taxes, and the Sheriff. With the Charter amendment, the mayor would be required to designate an entity to assist agencies with drafting and implementing language access plans, and to evaluate their compliance. Furthermore, an annual report for each agency will be filed with the Department of Records and made available to the public.

See below for informational flyers in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

English FlyerMandarin FlyerSpanish Flyer


Last updated Apr 23 2019