Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

#StoptheHate – 2019-2020 PA Anti-Immigrant Bills

Every session, Pennsylvania legislators introduce bills targeting immigrant and refugee communities. Below is a summary of anti-immigrant bills introduced in PA as of October 25, 2019. You can find information about bills, committee meeting schedules, and your local legislators at:

The attached materials include talking points, social media graphics and other materials you can use when advocating to stop these anti-immigrant bills and pushing legislators to take a pro-immigrant stance.

PA House Bills:

  1. HB 84: Professional Licensees Illegal Employment Act. Would penalize companies, small businesses, contractors, and more who have undocumented or migrant workers regarding their business’ license to operate. Representative KAUFFMAN. Introduced 1/28/19.
  2. HB 789: Benefit Transfer Device Fraud. Would create a felony offense for unauthorized possession or use of an access devise. Representative HEFFLEY. Introduced 3/12/19.
  3. HB 877: E-Verify for the Private Construction Industry. Requires construction companies, contractors, and small businesses to implement E-verify for all of their workers, similar to HB 1170, which is bad for immigrant and refugee workers. Representative GALLOWAY. Introduced 4/5/19.
  4. HB 1170: The Construction Industry Employee Verification Act. Would require the construction industry to implement E-Verify which would disproportionately harm immigrant and refugee workers across the board along with contractors and small businesses. Representative MACKENZIE. Introduced 4/9/19. Signed into law 10/7/19 – 2019 Act 75
  5. HB 1191: Funding-Sanctuary Institution of Higher Education. Attempts to withhold state funding from “Sanctuary Campuses.” The definition of “Sanctuary Campus” includes policies that prohibit the enforcement of federal immigration law; refuses access by federal authorities without a warrant; or directs employees not to coordinate with federal authorities. Representative KNOWLES. Introduced 4/11/19.
  6. HB 1940: Proof of Citizenship for Receipt of Public Benefits Act. Would require additional proof of lawful presence in the United States to obtain public benefits. Representative HEFFLEY. Introduced 10/15/19.

PA Senate Bills:



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