Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

Summer Youth Convening! Thank You!

Date: Aug 4 2017, 9:00 am

Updated on 8/16/17: Thank you for all your generosity and support to PICC and youth leaders across Pennsylvania. We had a great weekend convening and lots of stories to tell! Please check out our special youth newsletter coming out this month! If you are not subscribed to our newsletter sign up here! 

Your continue support is very important to us and to our youth, become an organizational or individual member or monthly sustainer today! Watch how your contribution helps us build a better home for immigrants, refugees and new Americans.

After successfully bringing together 65 youth from diverse geographical areas in Pennsylvania in the last two years, PICC has continued to engage immigrant youth from across the state in advocacy, provided support and direct leadership development to our leaders all year!

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What– This is a weekend dedicated to bringing together 30 immigrant youth that originate from different walks of life across PA. This is an opportunity for us to share our stories and develop leadership skills, organizing skills, and have a chance to build relationships with other youth who share our similar experience and goals

When/Where– Weekend of August 4-6, Camp Hebron, PA

Register Now! Registration is open until July 24, 2017.

“I appreciate us being here. We are not supposed to be doing this. We are not supposed to organize. We are not supposed to rise up. But we are.” – Sheila Quintana PA youth leader, 2015

Please consider making a donation to help cover cost of our youth convening! Donate TODAY!  If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor please contact Maria Sotomayor at or 215-832-3482 for more information.

Pennsylvania is our home, regardless of where we come from. We want to make our home a better place for our families and immigrant communities. We want to bring immigrant youth together and create a statewide youth led movement. We are young, full of energy and ready to create change. We are the next generation of immigrant rights leaders and advocates!”  youth leader, 2016