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REPORT: Driver’s Licenses for all: The Key to Safety and Security in Pennsylvania

On June 25, 2015, the Sheller Center for Social Justice at Temple University released Driver’s Licenses for all: The Key to Safety and Security in Pennsylvania, a report on the benefits of providing driver’s licenses for all in Pennsylvania. The Sheller Center’s months-long independent investigation corroborates what we already know: providing unmarked driver’s licenses to undocumented Pennsylvanians is commonsense legislation that will improve public safety, support Pennsylvania’s economy, and help keep families together. The report finds that extending driver’s license eligibility would generate Pennsylvania state revenue, improve relationships with law enforcement, lower car insurance rates, and support scarce resources for law enforcement and emergency first responders. PICC member organizations New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia and Lucha Pro Licencias PA (Fight for Driver’s Licenses PA) are actively organizing statewide for driver’s license legislation. There are currently 20 co-sponsors in the PA House and legislation should be re-introduced in the coming weeks.


Last updated Jan 16 2018    

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