Promoting Citizenship

PICC promotes citizenship of the United States for people who are eligible. Some of the benefits of citizenship include voting and sponsoring family members for immigration more quickly. As part of our work to promote citizenship, PICC provides community training on the citizenship process and free legal assistance through Citizenship Day.

Citizenship Day: PICC regularly partners with legal service providers to coordinate Citizenship Days – a program that makes pro bono legal assistance available to those applying for U.S. citizenship. An attorney or accredited representative assists with the application on Citizenship Day and follows the case to conclusion. Our goal is to provide this program to underserved areas of Pennsylvania once or twice each year. Previous Citizenship Days have been successful and generated great interest in the community, as the legal fees for applying for citizenship are costly and the process often confusing.

PICC is a coordinating organization for Step Up to Citizenship, a collaborative effort to scale up the naturalization numbers in Philadelphia. 

Citizenship Workshops:  PICC’s training on citizenship reviews the eligibility requirements to apply for U.S. citizenship and the steps of the process, from application all the way through taking the oath of citizenship and then registering to vote.   This interactive training gives community members and service providers the chance to practice interview questions, and includes some of the red flag issues that often come up when people are applying to become United States citizens.

For more information on applying for U.S. citizenship visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Visit our Legal Services page for help finding an immigration lawyer in Pennsylvania.

For information about Citizenship Day or Citizenship Trainings contact