Training, Information and Education

  • Interactive, capacity building trainings and resource manuals on topics such as: immigrant access to health care and public benefits, citizenship, public safety and victims assistance
  • Leadership development and skills training
  • Coalition meetings where advocates network and expand their knowledge base
  • Special training sessions that focus intensively on specific issue areas
  • Resource manuals on eligibility and application for many services and public benefits

Civic Engagement

  • Voter registration and mobilization of new citizens – over 10,000 new citizens registered to vote since 2003
  • Educational forums and phone banks to educate and empower new citizens about their voting rights
  • Training on public policy issues and the legislative process
  • Creation of community education materials such as the PA Voting Guide for New Citizens in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of State and USCIS

Collective Advocacy

  • Building support for comprehensive immigration reform, including earned legalization for present and future immigrants, worker protections, and removal of backlogs to family reunification
  • Building support for the DREAM Act, allowing access to higher education and a path to citizenship for qualified immigrant youth
  • Educating state and local lawmakers about immigrant issues and immigrant contributions
  • Promoting effective community policing and improving relationships between law enforcement and immigrant communities
  • Improving access to health care for immigrant communities
  • Language Access, increasing access to public services for limited English speakers

Promoting Citizenship

  • Community training on citizenship eligibility, the application process, risks and benefits of applying for citizenship and available resources
  • Citizenship Days, providing free (pro-bono) legal assistance to those eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship, with a special focus on underserved areas of the state and low income communities

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