Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

National Immigrant Integration Conference 2017

Last year, PICC sent a group of 9 immigrant leaders and allies to the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC), and hope to send more this year. This year it will be held from December 10-12 in Phoenix. Please visit the website for more details.

The NIIC is the largest immigration conference in the country; participants will share practical strategies on family protection; on welcoming and supporting immigrants and refugees to thrive in America; on building power for an inclusive democracy; and on working towards racial and economic justice for all. Our folks who attended last year found it tremendously helpful for their work and now more than ever, national solidarity is so important.

PICC’s goal is to raise $5,000 by November 20, 2017 to help cover the costs of conference registration, hotel rooms, and flights for a minimum of 10 PICC members and partners. If you would like to contribute, please donate here.

For a donation of:

  • $100 you could cover one participant’s hotel room for a night
  • $350 you could cover one participant’s round-trip flight
  • $435 you could cover one participant’s 3-day registration and meals

The NIIC 2017 attendees thank you for your support!

Here are some highlights from PICC members at the 2016 NIIC:

Priya Rizal, the youngest PICC participant in 2016, says she attended because:
“1. I am a Nepali immigrant and I want to fight for my rights.
2. Discrimination and racism towards ANY race or religion shouldn’t exist.
3. I feel like my minority families are being attacked for being themselves which shouldn’t and will not be tolerated.”

 Eric Edi, Executive Director of PICC member AFRICOM, was excited to attend the NIIC because it was an opportunity:
1. To increase the visibility of African and Caribbean communities in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. AFRICOM wants to make the shift from wanting to be the lead on African and Caribbean rights to actually being the lead.
2. To learn from experts what our post-election response should be.
3. To network! This is a key opportunity to meet, advocate, and represent the African and Caribbean community.

Thank you to everyone that represented Pennsylvania last year!