Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition

The Time is NOW for a Pathway to Citizenship for ALL 11 million

Date: Sep 18 2021, 5:00 pm
Location: City Hall
Join New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia – Nuevo Movimiento Santuario 💫On Saturday, Sept 18th, families from across PA will hold a rally and march in Philly in solidarity with a national action in DC later that week. Beginning with a rally at LOVE Park, we will then march to Chinatown to stand in solidarity with Asian Americans United’s Mid-Autumn Festival and Lantern Parade to call for an end to anti-Asian hate and violence and for healing and safety for all of Philadelphia’s communities. The parade will go past ICE to demand family reunification.
There will be an activity for children and a role for them in the march.
The stakes are high, and we need you there.
Join us as we call on US Reps and Senators from PA: Everyone in, no one out!
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